Cross Border Payments

Metax can assist you in establishing a convenient Cross Border Payments Account tailored to your business needs. Effortlessly convert, store, or transfer money with competitive exchange rates and access to over 100 countries and regions worldwide.

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Benefits of Opening a Cross Border Payments Account at Metax

A Cross Border Payments Account at Metax is designed to help businesses manage their international payments and finances. Here are some compelling reasons to consider opening a cross border payments account:

  • Global Business

    Having operations with customers across different countries? A Cross Border Payments account can simplify the process and prevent currency conversion charges.

  • Streamlined financial management

    It's crucial to emphasize that the document you submit should be recent, typically within the last three months, and display your current address.

  • Multiple currency support

    By utilizing a Cross Border Payments Account, you have the capability to hold and oversee multiple currencies within one account, thus mitigating conversion fees.

  • Compact fees

    Metax's Cross Border Payments accounts boast lower international transaction and conversion fees compared to conventional financial institutions, resulting in cost savings for your business.

  • Improved security

    Metax provides added security measures like two-factor authentication, ensuring the protection of your funds and transactions.

  • Effortless account administration

    You might have the option to oversee your funds online or via a mobile app, granting you convenient access to your finances anytime, anywhere.

Metax offer lower fees

By establishing a Cross Border Payments account, you unlock access to supplementary services like foreign exchange and international money transfers. Through Metax, business proprietors can retain and oversee multiple currencies, facilitating transactions with customers or suppliers across various countries without necessitating currency conversion.

With a Global Currency Account at Metax

Have you encountered an unforeseen loss due to a payment being converted to another person's schedule?

Through Metax's Cross Border Payments Account, you have the autonomy to determine when to convert your funds and repatriate them. You can maintain foreign currency in your account for as long as necessary, empowering you with greater financial control and safeguarding against losses stemming from unfavorable exchange rates.

Advantages of Owning a Cross Border Payments Account

A Cross Border Payments Account with Metax enables you to save and conduct transactions in foreign currency, which serves various purposes. It aids in managing currency risk by providing swift access to foreign currency and facilitates sending money abroad and processing international payments. A Cross Border Payments Account with Metax presents several advantages for companies:

How to Open a Start-Up Business Account With Metax

Establishing a Business With Cross Border Payments Account

Embrace the convenience of contemporary financial management by initiating the creation of a fully digital Cross Border Payments account in just three days through Metax. Our swift and straightforward online registration process will have you up and running in no time.

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    To initiate the account opening process, simply complete the onboarding procedure and furnish all the necessary supporting documentation.

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    Opening an account is as simple as completing the onboarding process and submitting all necessary supporting documentation.

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    Bid farewell to the hassles associated with traditional financial institutions and welcome the future of finance with Metax's digital Cross Border Payments Account.

Metax assigns a dedicated manager to each client

Metax is dedicated to offering personalized assistance whenever you require it.

In contrast to other companies that depend on chatbots and automated responses, Metax assigns a dedicated manager to every client. With Metax, you can rest assured that you'll receive the utmost level of customer service and support.


Metax FAQ

This type of account lets you hold and transact in multiple currencies, ideal for those sending money abroad, receiving foreign funds, or managing financial risk. These accounts typically offer competitive exchange rates and low fees.

For individuals living and conducting business in various regions, or having multiple residences, maintaining a single account while operating internationally offers great convenience. You can manage your finances from anywhere without needing multiple accounts.

There are various account types such as Personal, Business, and Investment. Each type comes with different features, benefits, and requirements, depending on the financial institution.

A Cross Border Payments Account operates similarly to a traditional account but includes the added benefit of accepting payments via SWIFT and local systems. Funds received are automatically credited to your account’s wallet, enabling multi-currency operations.

You can usually apply online with Metax by completing an application form with your personal and financial information and submitting the necessary documentation. After pre-approval, a manager will contact you to discuss a customized pricing plan and guide you through the onboarding process.

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