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Reasons to Have a Business Account For Start-Ups

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As companies expand into international markets, they must handle multi-currency payments. While numerous financial systems are available today, nearly all necessitate a universal IBAN account.

Special attention should be given to the European sector, where financial transactions are rigorously checked and monitored to prevent corruption. Additionally, entrepreneurs will be prohibited from operating if they do not possess, for example, a UK IBAN account.

Send and receive money without restrictions. Take advantage of international payment systems to perform all types of transactions, manage multi-currency conversions, and more. Eliminate dependence on a single financial institution with a universally accepted IBAN business account.

Benefits of having an open online IBAN business account

Expand your company's operations beyond local boundaries. Access global business opportunities through Metax's services.

How to operate with Euro Business Account

Open an online IBAN account and unlock exclusive job prospects.

Enhance your company's credibility by adopting a universally certified online IBAN account. Leverage the advantages of accessing international payment systems to expand and foster business growth.

  • A standardised format for exchanging payment data

    Standardize your payment data exchange format to seamlessly integrate your company into the global financial transaction network, including solutions like SEPA and SWIFT.

  • Low or no commission rates

    Enjoy low or zero commission rates for sending and receiving money, eliminating extra fees such as taxes and interest withholding.

  • Transparent transactions and account details tracking

    Track transactions and account details transparently, exchanging crucial financial information in a unified format with relevant partners and institutions.

  • Speed of payment processing

    Experience swift payment processing, moving away from manual transactions to efficient digital systems managed by financial experts.

  • Multi-currency transactions

    Conduct multi-currency transactions effortlessly, accepting 18 major currencies and converting them into 134 currencies with direct deposits to the appropriate accounts.

  • Maximum regional coverage

    Benefit from extensive regional coverage, facilitating payments in 180 countries connected to IBAN and international financial transfer systems.

Open an online IBAN account with Metax today and empower your business with seamless access to the global financial transaction system!

Get IBAN account online fast

Obtain an online IBAN account swiftly with just four straightforward steps:

The account registration process is exceptionally quick and easy. There's no need to visit any authorities or government offices. Additionally, you can remotely create a target account and even pre-select the registration region.

  • 01

    Establish your account within the system, customize its settings, and configure security measures such as two-factor authentication, biometric transaction confirmation, and access controls.

  • 02

    Verify your corporate data by selecting a validation method and inputting the required information into the system, ideally accompanied by digital copies of relevant documents.

  • 03

    Request a corporate IBAN by providing additional information, including details about your business type, scale, and region of operation.

  • 04

    Once the system completes the verification of your provided data, you will receive your IBAN number. This standard IBAN will be associated with your company name.

Following this process, you can reap the benefits of having an IBAN, including making cashless payments with partners and accepting payments from customers in over 180 countries. Scale your business profitably with the assistance of Metax's business consulting services.


Metax FAQ

To begin, you need to follow four main steps: register an account, verify your information, apply for a UIN, and then wait for the registration process to be finalized. Once these steps are completed, you will have access to all the features necessary for working with international partners.

Not exactly. You will also require cards for making and receiving payments, a payment system to handle transactions, and financial institutions to hold your funds. Additionally, if you plan to transact in multiple currencies, having several currency accounts is recommended.

The system enables fast transactions in over 180 countries. Furthermore, all financial operations are secure and protected from any risk of interception or diversion, as transfers occur directly between accounts and identifiers.

Comparing these two systems isn't entirely accurate. SWIFT is used to identify financial institutions, while IBAN is assigned to individual legal entities. This allows for transactions to be conducted without being tied to any specific provider, facilitating the use of accounts from various financial systems.

Not quite. While the digital number is universal, the specific identifiers vary and are assigned based on the country where the legal entity or company is registered.

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