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Explore the advantages of multi-currency accounting for your business. Easily send and receive payments in the currencies that suit you and your customers best.

Open a Multiple Currency Account

Elevate your business with a multi-currency account: streamline online sales across international markets..

International Business Account

Top multi-currency business account offered by Metax:

  • Enhance relationships with customers and suppliers by opening a foreign currency account

    By providing them with a single account number regardless of currency, you streamline their experience and reduce unnecessary hassle. This also minimizes confusion in transaction details, ultimately preventing payment delays.

  • Streamline your bookkeeping process

    With the ability to bill customers and receive payments in the same currency, you eliminate the need for extensive preparation of reconciliation statements and other reports.

  • Reduce currency exchange fees with a multi-currency account

    Unlike a mono-currency account, where incoming payments in different currencies require conversion and may incur additional fees, a multi-currency account accepts funds without extra manipulation.

  • Manage your cash flow effectively

    With all international payments directed to one account regardless of currency, you can easily track transactions, maintain transparent reporting, and swiftly furnish financial information to various authorities.

How to Open International Account

How to open a multi-currency business account in the UK:

Ready to embrace a new approach to commerce? Don't delay opening an account that enables seamless receipt, storage, and transfer of funds across currencies. With a quick and easy process, there's no reason to wait until tomorrow.

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    Sign up on the Metax website

    Sign up on the Metax website by providing your username, password, and phone number in the designated fields. Remember to select whether you're creating a personal or business account. Then, proceed to receive the verification code to complete the process.

  • 02

    Proceed to add an account

    Next, proceed to add an account by providing the required details for either an individual or a company. Upload scanned copies of the necessary documents, which will vary depending on the type of account you selected earlier.

  • 03

    Wait for confirmation for the created multi-currency account

    After creating your multi-currency account, please await confirmation, which may take several days due to the verification process. Once confirmed, you'll receive notification that your account is open. Should you have any inquiries, feel free to reach out to your designated personal manager for assistance.


Metax FAQ

One major downside is the significant risk linked to exchange rate fluctuations. Additionally, there are typically lower interest rates and extra transaction fees to consider.

These accounts enable swift and cost-effective international payments, provide 24/7 access to your funds from anywhere, streamline accounting processes, and enhance relationships with customers and suppliers.

Our online application process is swift and user-friendly, and typically, foreign currency account holders are not required to maintain a minimum balance.

These accounts can be utilized to receive or send money, as well as to hold savings in various currencies.

Metax provides the premier multi-currency business account in the UK. We ensure a straightforward and rapid registration process, continuous access to your account, and secure transactions.

Open a Metax multi-currency business account and leave behind the hassle of international payments.

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