Virtual IBAN Account for Business

Enjoy rapid and secure global payments tailored for businesses across Europe and beyond. Benefit from a dedicated account manager and the peace of mind knowing that your funds are fully protected.

The Operation of a Virtual IBAN Account

Operating a Virtual IBAN Account

A Virtual IBAN at Metax operates by furnishing businesses with a distinctive account number usable for money transfers sans a physical account. This facilitates seamless and efficient cross-border transactions, eliminating the necessity for multiple accounts across various countries.

  • This account offers businesses a broader array of choices for both inbound and outbound payments. It serves as a comprehensive platform, enhancing efficiency, streamlining implementation, and ensuring regulated control for businesses.
  • A Virtual IBAN, offering a multi-currency, multi-jurisdictional solution, eliminates the necessity for multiple financial institution relationships for payment transactions. This leads to reduced costs associated with processing large volumes of operations.
  • Virtual IBAN accounts for businesses also improve compliance and Know Your Customer (KYC) capabilities by integrating with software, databases, and sanction lists. This integration enables verification of parties and screening of payments for potential red flags.
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Metax provides a Virtual IBAN solution in the UK along with a diverse array of financial services tailored for business owners. With Metax's services, you gain complete control over your cash flow and access to everything necessary to ensure your business operates seamlessly.

Advantages of Having a Business Virtual IBAN

Metax's payment solutions are tailored to suit the requirements of contemporary businesses, aiding in the simplification of their financial processes. The Virtual IBAN service provided by Metax offers numerous advantages to companies, such as:

Overall, Metax's Virtual IBAN offers companies a convenient, cost-effective, and compliant solution for managing their finances effectively.

Create a Virtual IBAN Account for Business at Metax

Create a Virtual IBAN Account for Business at Metax

The Metax team prioritizes simplifying financial management for businesses. With Metax, opening a Virtual IBAN in Europe for your company is a swift and entirely digital process that can be completed in just 3 days. Here's how:

  • 01

    Sign up for an account on the Metax website and complete the online onboarding process.

  • 02

    Submit the necessary documentation, including business registration documents, proof of identity, and proof of beneficial ownership.

  • 03

    After your application undergoes review and approval, you will be assigned a dedicated manager who will assist you with any additional inquiries and guide you through the remaining steps of the process.

  • 04

    You can now utilize your account to manage your finances in a streamlined and efficient manner.

The application process is meticulously designed to be informative and comprehensive, enabling the Metax team to gain insight into your business and its distinct requirements. By comprehending your specific needs, we can customize all services to deliver a tailored solution that precisely meets your demands.


Metax FAQ

To obtain a virtual IBAN, you need to partner with a financial institution that offers this service. Metax, for example, provides virtual IBANs tailored to the needs of various businesses. The registration and onboarding process is fully digital, allowing you to open an account within three days.

The key difference between virtual and real IBANs is that a real IBAN is a unique number linked to a physical account, while a virtual IBAN is a reference number issued by a financial institution to direct incoming transfers to a real account.

Virtual IBANs provide businesses with the same functionality as traditional payment accounts, facilitating smooth global transactions and simplifying settlements. They also eliminate much of the complexity and cost associated with opening and maintaining a traditional account.

No, someone cannot withdraw money from your account using only your IBAN. It is a unique identifier used to receive funds. To transfer money from your account, additional details such as your account number, SWIFT code, and full name are required. Nonetheless, it's essential to keep your personal information secure.

IBANs are primarily used for international transactions but can also be utilized for domestic operations in some countries. In Europe, for instance, IBANs are used for both domestic and international payments. This unique number ensures security by verifying account information before transferring funds between international financial institutions.

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