Euro Business

Dealing with European suppliers? Losing customers because of international transfer issues? Open a Euro account for swift, hassle-free transactions, free from extra fees. Choose from various account options to convert funds at optimal exchange rates or maintain savings in Euros.

Euro Business Account
How to operate with Euro Business Account

What are the procedures for managing a Euro Business Account?

  • 1. Obtain a Euro account

    Simplify your transfers to 28 Eurozone countries using just the account number. Easily send and receive funds by providing straightforward account details, eliminating confusion over complex banking information.

  • 2. Seamlessly integrate with existing platforms

    With a Euro business account based in the UK, you can effortlessly accept payments from customers on major global marketplaces and other platforms. For instance, expanding your business to European platforms like Amazon allows users to conveniently pay in their familiar currency, enhancing customer satisfaction.

  • 3. Streamline global money transfers

    Send funds worldwide to suppliers who accept euros without incurring currency conversion fees or experiencing delays. Utilize Metax to send money with a single click, strengthening relationships with business partners through efficient transactions.

  • 4. Withdraw funds in your local currency

    Convert euros into pounds swiftly at the prevailing exchange rate and withdraw funds as required. With your UK-based Euro account accessible even on weekends, you can monitor exchange rate fluctuations and execute exchanges at the most advantageous times.

What makes opening a Euro account advantageous?

Why Metax
  • No extra charges or commissions

    With Metax, you can conduct international transactions without incurring fees for deposits, outgoing payments, or currency storage.

  • Access to your Euro business account in the UK

    Monitor exchange rates to convert euros into pounds at opportune moments. Additionally, enjoy the flexibility of accessing your account from anywhere globally.

  • Simple to open and activate

    Easily initiate a Euro account in the UK online via the Metax website, eliminating the need for branch visits. Upon opening, your account becomes immediately active, enabling seamless transactions for both sending and receiving funds.

How to Open International Account

Opening Euro account: three steps to success

Ditch the exhausting branch visits, paper forms, and waiting in queues. With Metax, opening a Euro account online is as simple as 1 2 3.

  • 01

    Register an account on Metax

    Sign up for a Metax account by selecting a username and creating a secure password. Provide your phone number to receive a verification code. Next, choose the account type: business or personal.

  • 02

    Open the account you need

    Select the appropriate account type and proceed to upload scanned documents to the system. The specific document requirements may vary based on the chosen account type. Additionally, provide your full name or company details as required.

  • 03

    Wait until your data is fully verified

    Wait for your data to undergo full verification, which may take several days. Nonetheless, you can utilize your account to its fullest extent immediately after opening, conducting transactions such as sending and receiving money or storing your savings.


Metax FAQ

To open a foreign currency account with Metax, create an account, provide the necessary information and scanned documents, and wait for verification. Once the process is complete, you can start using your account to transfer money, receive payments, or store your savings.

The main benefits of opening euro accounts in the UK include the ability to do it online, 24/7 access to your finances, low commissions, and the ease of working with partners and clients globally.

A common risk when dealing with any currency is the potential for unfavorable changes in the exchange rate.

Metax provides the opportunity to open a Euro business account, simplifying collaboration with your international partners and customers.

Manage payments, conduct transfers, and store currency seamlessly, all through one versatile financial tool.

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